Forest Lake Golf Club presents cheque to the PRC

We were delighted to recieve a donation from the members of the Forest Lake Golf Club.

Murray Diaz and Mark McNaughton presented the cheque to Prof Paul Colditz.

We received a lovely thank you letter from Murray:

It was a pleasure to share yours and Tracey's and Paul's company on Monday. Thankyou for your hospitality and making us feel so welcome, and for your patience in answering our novice questions.

As we left, Mark was especially pleased to reflect on how the thoughtful care and attention offered to his baby daughter when she most needed it, has grown to encompass so much and to be so much more specific more now and at the same time able to maintain gentle humanity.

Your work is inspiring and your care is precious.

More people should know more about your inspirational work and you may be assured that Mark and I will spread the word as wide as we are able.

Kind regards,


Last updated:
27 March 2019