Professor Gardiner’s research aims to develop better methods for detection and examines treatments to improve the management of patients with prostate cancer. 

Together with colleagues at Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital Urology Unit, Professor Gardiner’s lab has recently completed a large randomised controlled trial of robotic and open prostatectomy. This study, supported by a large grant from Cancer Council Queensland, has received support from colleagues in the Northern Section of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand and the medical administration of the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Together with Associate Professor Ken Pakenham (UQ Psychology), Professor Gardiner undertook the only randomised controlled trial of anti-hormone therapy in prostate cancer. This research demonstrated significant negative cognitive as well as quality of life effects compared to the control group and the wider general population. 

In addition, a collaboration with Dr Chris Schmidt (QIMR), led to the first two dendritic cell vaccine trials in Australia for men with advanced prostate cancer including a randomised controlled trial with dendritic cells and Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen peptides.