The Meinzer lab is broadly interested in the way the nervous system supports cognitive function (e.g. language, memory, attention) and motor function in healthy individuals. 

The lab also investigates how different pathological conditions like stroke or dementia affect brain function. This research uses state-of-the art behavioural, neuroimaging and brain stimulation techniques.

The lab also develops novel therapies based on basic neuroscience to counteract the decline in functional skills in old age and to improve cognitive and motor impairment in the wider community.   

The lab conducts both:
(a)    proof-of-concept studies that investigate the neural mechanisms underlying potential treatment strategies, and;
(b)    studies that aim to translate basic research into clinical applications. The latter is accomplished within both national and international clinical trials.


This research requires a highly interdisciplinary approach. The Meinzer lab collaborates with numerous researchers from different fields (e.g. psychology, speech pathology, medicine, physics, engineering, sports science) in Australia and internationally in Germany, the United States and Finland. 

This research is currently funded by a number of organisations, including the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council.