Main Australian collaborations

Aphasia and neurolinguistics projects, clinical trials
Prof. Greig deZubicaray (Queensland University of Technology)
Prof. David Copland (UQ Centre for Clinical Research) 
Assoc/Prof. Miranda Rose (La Trobe University, Melbourne)

Functional imaging projects
Prof. Michael Breakspear (Queensland Institute for Medical Research, QIMR)
Assoc/Prof. Katie McMahon (UQ Centre for Advanced Imaging)

Dementia and mild cognitive impairment projects
Prof. Gerard Byrne (UQ Department of Psychiatry) 
Dr. Donel Martin (University of NSW/Black Dog Institute)

tDCS and motor function in health and disease
Prof. Andy Cresswell/Dr. Peter Poortvliet (UQ School of Movement Studies) 
Prof. Graham Kerr (Queensland University of Technology)

Prof. Wayne Hall (UQ Centre for Youth Substance Abuse)

Main international collaborations

Executive functions (response inhibition and response conflict)
Prof. Marco Steinhauser, University of Eichstätt, Germany

Language and motor recovery after stroke & intrascanner transcranial direct current stimulation
Prof. Agnes Flöel, Charite University Medicine, Berlin, Germany 

Collaboration in the context of a “Centre for Research Excellence” (Brain-Train, 2015-2018)
Prof. Matti Laine, Abo Academie University, Finnland

Functional imaging of brain ageing and aphasia
Prof. Bruce Crosson, Emory University, Atlanta, USA 

Multinational RELEASE project to identify predictors of aphasia outcome
Prof. Marian Brady, Dr. Louise Williams, Glasgow Caledonean University, Scotland