Genetics of epilepsy: A twin approach to complex and non-traditional inheritance patterns

This project builds the resource of an epilepsy twin cohort in Queensland and investigates the role of non-traditional inheritance patterns through monozygotic twin pairs discordant for epilepsy.

Genetic networks in epilepsy; A tissue specific approach

This singleton project utilises brain, buccal and blood derived samples from temporal lobe epilepsy patients to look at genes and genetic pathways where the epigenetic state links with epilepsy. By comparing different samples, we will be able to address the issue of tissue specificity.

The epigenetic and genetic landscape of idiopathic epilepsies: the testament of twins

There remains a gap in our understanding of idiopathic epilepsies and this project provides a novel approach to deepen our understanding of phenotypic expression of epilepsy by studying discordant monozygotic twins. The aim of this project is to focus on generating peripheral biomarkers for idiopathic epilepsies to aid in the diagnosis of idiopathic epilepsies and also act as specific markers for idiopathic epilepsy subtypes. The long-term hope of a peripheral biomarker will be the development of disease-modifying treatments.