The Exosome Biology Lab, led by Dr Carlos Salomon, focuses on research regarding exosomes – small secretions from a wide range of cells, including placental and cancer cells. The lab has been studying exosomes and their role within the production of new living organisms, such as pregnancy and cancer. 

The past decade has observed an extraordinary explosion of research in the field of exosomes. As the content of exosomes is cell-type specific, it is believed that it is a 'fingerprint' of the cell and its metabolic status.

The lab explores the idea that the exosomes and their specific exosomal content (e.g. miRNAs and proteins) represent a precious biomedical tool, and may be used as biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of a wide range of diseases including complication of pregnancies and malignant tumors. 

Exosomes may engage in paracellular interactions (local cell-to-cell communication between the cells) and/or distal interactions (involving the release of exosomes into biological fluids and transported to a remote site of action). The mechanisms involved in these phenomenon remain unclear, but the aim of the Exosome Biology Laboratory, is to analyse the role of exosomes in the production of placental cells and tumor cells.


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