The main focus of our team’s research is to explore the incidence, distribution, prevention and control of antibiotic resistant infections. Through our research, our mission is to create and lead clinical and scientific discoveries and solutions for global translation against antimicrobial resistance.

Our team is comprised of four specialisation areas:

  1. Clinical trial management
  2. Medical microbiology
  3. Pathogen genomics 
  4. Bioinformatics.

Our team’s expertise spans across clinical infectious diseases, medical microbiology, epidemiology, bioinformatics and clinical trials/studies planning, setup, execution and management.

We are a rapidly rising research team who pride ourselves on our national and international collaborative network we work alongside and continue to expand upon.

A notable achievement for our team was the development, execution and completion of the MERINO Trial, which is currently the world’s largest randomised controlled trial on treatment for multi-resistent gram-negative bacteria. JAMA - Harris et al., September 2018


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