Sleep health

Several projects with the aim to improve sleep in both adults and children are currently underway:

MyNap project contact: 

Parkinsons project contact:

  • Multiple Baseline Single Case Experimental Design Testing the Effects of Valerian in Chronic Insomnia

Valerian project contact: Jane Nikles

Making it Personal: Managing Chronic Symptoms using Insights from N-of-1 Studies

Project contact: Suzanne McDonald

Other conditions

  • A pilot series of n-of-1 randomised controlled trials to compare Pregabalin and Gabapentin for persistent neuropathic pain
  • Single Patient Multiple Cross-Over Trials To Determine The Efficacy Of Pilocarpine 5mg Orally Dissolving Tablets In Relieving Dry Mouth In Patients Experiencing Xerostomia

Other projects

Project contact: Suzanne McDonald

Completed projects

  • Using n-of-1 trials to determine the effectiveness of paracetamol in advanced cancer patients on opioids. (Funded by the NHMRC)
  • Using single patient trials to determine the effectiveness of psycho-stimulants in end stage fatigue in cancer patients. (Funded by the NHMRC)
  • N-of-1 trials of stimulants compared to placebo for traumatic brain injury in children. (Funded by Motor Accident Insurance Commission)
  • A series of N-of-1 trials to assess therapeutic interchangeability of two Enalapril formulations in the treatment of hypertension, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Physical Activity Promotion in Community-Dwelling Adults with Whiplash Associated Disorders: a pilot series of single case experimental designs (funded by HABS)