Previous research in infection has focused on the relationship between disease and the bacteria causing the infection. Everything else living in or on the body was considered to be of little important for maintaining health. Over the last decade, however, the role of micro-organisms living on or near the body has become clearer. It is now evident that to maintain health, rich and diverse bacteria communities are paramount. Not only in the gut, but also in many other parts of the body previously considered sterile, such as the urinary tract and the airways.  

Professor Cervin’s lab aims to investigate the role of normal bacteria in the airway and how it changes during infection. The lab’s research also explores treatment alternatives for recurring and chronic infections. 

The lab has a special interest in chronic sinusitis in the general population, and otitis media (middle ear infection) in the indigenous population. The lab’s investigations primarily use living bacteria delivered to the nasal cavity by a form of nasal spray.