The Perinatal Research Centre (PRC) was founded in 1992 as an initiative of the then Royal Women's Hospital Foundation (now known as the Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital Foundation) and is a Centre within The University of Queensland's Faculty of Medicine. Prestigious philanthropic and research bodies have recognised the impact of the PRC in maternal and infant health research and awarded funding to support important original research. The PRC specialises in translational research from pure science to playing a key role within the RBWH in clinical trials. These trials have not only been instrumental in improving care of the mothers and babies at the RBWH but also nationally and internationally.

The PRC has undergraduate students and postgraduate honours, masters and PhD students from a wide range of disciplines. A nucleus of clinical research staff are located within the RBWH (level 6) with most research staff now located in the UQ Centre for Clinical Research (UQCCR) adjacent to the RBWH. 

The PRC plays a key role in building and strengthening a culture of research excellence within the RBWH.


To advance the health of mothers and babies by understanding and preventing pregnancy and birth complications.


  • To achieve excellence in all aspects of perinatal research
  • To achieve excellence in teaching and to enhance knowledge of the perinatal period
  • To benefit individuals and society through improved perinatal health outcomes