How to take part

Update: We are currently at over 700 patients recruited and have currently expanded recruitment until July 2018.

Medical teamAll adult ICUs can apply for participation in the PneumoINSPIRE study with consideration to the following requirements:

(i) ICUs agree to collect unit and patient related data on site;

(ii) ICUs agree to transfer the collected data to the coordinating centre;

(iii) ICUs pursue and obtain ethics committee approval or a waiver.

Participating ICUs will collect data from a nominated start date until the minimum target number of 10 consecutive ICU patients with an episode of nosocomial pneumonia has been reached (episodes diagnosed and treated as nosocomial pneumonia by the attending clinicians). The participating ICUs will be allowed to continue recruitment after they have reached the 10 patients if they wish to do so, provided that patient recruitment period of the study is still open. Higher recruitment than the minimum of 10 patients is welcome and encouraged. No maximum site targets will be set.

Inclusion criteria:

ICU patients with a diagnosis of nosocomial pneumonia, including

  • Admission to the ICU with diagnosis of HAP that developed in the ward in non-intubated patients (Ward HAP)
  • The first episode of ICU-acquired pneumonia that developed in non-intubated patients
  • The first episode of ICU-acquired pneumonia that developed in patients receiving

With regard to laboratory and imaging data, participating sites are not obliged to perform the specific tests in order to complete the required information in the CRF if it is not part of standard clinical practise. That means: a) there will be no variation to standard clinical practice, b) the study will not incur any extra costs to the participating sites, and c) the routine clinical practise will be recorded.

Register to participate


Registrarse para participar

What to expect

As an ICU Site:

Once you register with the link above, you will receive an automatic email from welcoming you to our team. After this, we will contact you within 72 hours to describe your role in the project, send you any materials required including REDCap access, and walk you through the steps needed to be taken to start recruiting patients! We will continually be in contact with you through email, newsletters, and our website to update you on the progress we are making with the study.

As a National Coordinator:

Once registering as a National Coordinator, you will receive an email from welcoming you to our team. This email describes your role and how to invite other ICUs to the study. When sites register, the site will receive an automatic email as well as a welcome email that will have you, the National Coordinator, cc’ed. You will be regularly updated with excel sheets detailing the registered sites in your country. National Coordinators may also be invited to co-author articles and may use data collected within their country for articles and abstracts as they see fit. Finally, analysis of regional data may be published with national coordinators listed as co-authors.


REDCapRegistered participants receive an email from Simon Forsyth, REDCap Coordinator of the University of Queensland, containing a username and a link to set up your password.

We advise you set your password within 72 hours in order to receive your access to the project as soon as possible. Should you experience technical issues, please email Danielle Petersen, Research Administrator for the PneumoINSPIRE study (

Registered participants should check junk or spam folders as sometimes emails from REDCap are inadvertently directed into junk or spam folders.


Authorship in all primary and secondary publications will be “The PneumoINSPIRE Study Investigators” or a named writing committee “and The PneumoINSPIRE Study Investigators”.

All PneumoINSPIRE Study Investigators will be listed as Collaborators in any resultant journal publications. Following the primary manuscript, study investigators may pursue secondary analyses, provided that the manuscript proposal is approved by the Steering Committee based on the quality and validity of the proposal.

Each NC on behalf of the national group may request the respective data for secondary analysis specific to their region of oversight. The final version of all manuscripts must be approved by the Steering Committee prior to submission for publication (including abstracts and conference presentations) where they relate to all or a part of the PneumoINSPIRE Study dataset. The endorsement by ESICM will be mentioned in all publication that will arise from PneumoINSPIRE study.