Researcher biography

Dr Jamie Kutasovic is an early career researcher who holds an honours degree and a PhD in molecular biology from The University of Queensland. Jamie's first postdoctoral position at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute involved leading the validation of a prognostic genomic signature in breast cancer using nanoString technology. She then returned to the Molecular Breast Pathology and Cancer Genomics Groups at UQCCR. Jamie's research interests are focused on understanding metastatic lobular and oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer, particularly in young women, and has been studying metastases to gynaecological organs. Her work combines traditional histopathology assessment with cutting-edge molecular profiling technologies aiming to correlate molecular tumour features with patient outcomes, which will lead to improving the way we predict the risk of relapse and find better ways to treat this disease. Jamie is part of the Brisbane Breast Bank steering committee and has supported a multitude of high-quality clinical research projects.