Researcher biography

Paediatric telemedicine researcher

Nigel's primary research interest is in the development and formal evaluation of sustainable paediatric clinical telemedicine applications and services.

He has particular interests in designing and conducting studies to assess the feasibility, efficacy and clinical effectiveness of telemedicine for delivering neonatal and paediatric critical care at a distance. As a PhD candidate, Nigel developed and evaluated a novel real-time telemedicine application to support remote clinical consultation between a tertiary neonatal intensive care unit and four peripheral hospitals in Queensland.

In addition, Nigel has a research interest in health geography, particularly in formally assessing and describing the impact of geography and regionalisation on the availability, accessibility and utilisation of specialist health services for children.

Nigel is involved in telemedicine service delivery at the Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane and is co-ordinator for the Indigenous Health Screening Programme. He is also a graduate student in the UQ School of Population Health studying clinical epidemiology.