Researcher biography

Nigel is a public health and health services researcher, with particular interests in children's, women's, and Indigenous people's health. He is a quantitative researcher, with interests and expertise in research methodology, biostatistics, epidemiology, evidence-based health care, clinical trials, patient-reported outcoe measures, and spatial-accessibiity analyses.

He has particular interests in new innovations in healthcare, and has worked in surgical trials in gynaecology, and clinical trials assessing the feasibility, efficacy and effectiveness of clinical telemedicine in paediatric healthcare. His doctorate work involved the design, development, and clinical/cost/acceptability evaluation of a novel real-time telemedicine application for remote clinical consultation between a tertiary neonatal intensive care unit and four peripheral hospitals in Queensland.

Nigel has been involved in telemedicine service delivery at the Royal Children's, and the Lady Cilento Children's hospitals in Brisbane where he also co-ordinated an Indigenous Health Screening Program. He is an active peer-reviewer, regularly participating in grant review panels, and in HDR and occupational trainee supervision and mentoring.