Dr Stirling Richards has a diverse research background with experience in government, academia, clinic and industry, as well as a keen interest in science communication. The primary themes of her research career have been: 

1) cancer biology and biomarkers; and 
2) gland-specific gene expression and secretion. 

These two themes converge in her current research laboratory, where the team use prostate gland cells and secretions as the primary source material for prostate cancer biomarker discovery.

The prostate cancer group is a highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary team, led by urologist Prof. “Frank” Gardiner, who has a strong and long term commitment to better outcomes for prostate cancer patients. 

Prof. Gardiner has built a large specimen bio-bank which provides the source material for our biomarker discovery program. Dr Stirling Richards' arm of the project is focused on the detection of novel miRNA and RNA markers, as well as analysis of prostate cancer biomarker function.