Shilpa is a prolific life scientist who is passionate about delivering impactful research outcomes. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biotechnology in 2016, as part of which she undertook a high level independent research on anti-microbial resistance at the prestigious Indian Institute of Science. Recognising the merit in her research, a state government in India awarded a tuition fee scholarship to pursue her post graduate program at The University of Queensland. She continued her work on extracting a plant derived compound with antimicrobial activity at the Institute of Molecular Bioscience. She also diversified her research  interest through involvement in a project at Sugar Research Australia, where she learnt techniques in molecular genetics. She strongly empathises with the wider research community for the need to combat superbugs, and strives to contribute towards the global challenge of anti-microbial resistance. Through her current project she aims to understand the emergence of chlorhexidine resistance in S. aureus in Queensland.