Expanding the study to recruit more control and MND participants. In this study it has been observed the  differences in metabolic parameters between MND patients and control individuals. Moreover, it has been recently shown that increased whole-body energy metabolism in MND patients is linked to increased risk of earlier death.

The purpose of this study is to investigate whether energy metabolism and the bacteria in the gut are altered in MND and whether these changes are linked to disease severity and progression. Even though studies before have suggested that energy metabolism is important in MND there’s not enough knowledge on the specific changes in metabolism and how they may be linked to the cause or progression of MND. This may be important for both patients and doctors, as understanding the changes occurring in MND may help to develop treatments or ways of slowing down disease progression. Due to significant variability in data, these factors can become confounding variables that mask potential significant differences between our MND and control datasets. As such the study cohort will be increased  to 150 MND patients and 150 control individuals to permit the generation of more robust data for statistical analyses.