The lab's interests are based broadly on the biochemical mechanisms of growth and differentiation of tissues at the molecular, cellular, organ and whole animal level. Attention is focused on the development of fetal tissues and uterine tissues that play a part in the mechanism(s) of parturition. 

Research projects available

  • Characterisation of inflammatory pathways associated with preterm birth.
  • Early diagnosis of pregnancy complications using placental exosomes.
  • Role of placental exosomes in intercellular communication 
  • Prostaglandins, prostamides, and endocannabinoids as biomarkers for preterm birth.
  • How do prostaglandins, prostamides, and endocannabinoids induce an inflammatory response in the placenta?
  • Exosomes and diagnostics of fertility 
  • Exosomes and diagnostics of transition cow