With the unnecessary use of antibiotics, antibiotic resistance is continuing to increase. One way to prevent the usage of antibiotics for infections is by maintaining balanced microbiota through probiotics. With our strong expertise in antibiotic resistance, comprehensive understanding of antibiotic resistance mechanisms and worldwide epidemiology, we are confident that the probiotics we develop will provide health benefits.

We are testing the probiotic strains we have developed against pathogens prevalent in Australia and in other parts of the world, so that our probiotics have the capability to be used worldwide. Our aim is to develop probiotics for future clinical trials for oral and topical administrations. We hope that the probiotics we are currently developing will one day be available in chemists.

You can help to reduce antibiotic resistance by supporting our probiotic research. To donate to probiotic research, click on the button below. When choosing a giving destination, please select "Other", then specify: Probiotic Research.