Dr Tracey Björkman is a Lions Senior Medical Research Fellow at UQCCR who is studying hypoxic brain injury in the newborn.

A lack of oxygen and poor blood supply at the time of birth is a significant cause of neonatal death and long-term neurodevelopmental disability. Babies who survive are at increased risk of seizures and cerebral palsy leading to lifelong neurological deficits affecting cognitive, learning and motor abilities. 

Hosam Zowawi is a PhD student at UQCCR who received a Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2014 for his work on combating antibiotic resistant bacteria.

A commitment to protecting the world from the threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria led to Hosam Zowawi receiving a Rolex Award for Enterprise. Designed to celebrate enterprising individuals, the Rolex awards recognise those who take on major global challenges to improve lives or protect the planet.

Past PhD student at UQCCR, Shiree Health, was the winner of the Brain Awareness Video Contest for her video 'The Treasure Hunt'.

This video created by Shiree clearly explains aphasia (a neurological disorder) and how the condition negatively affects a person's ability to talk, read, write and understand the spoken word.

Dr Judith Greer's research focuses on diseases affecting the nervous system and the role the immune response may play in multiple sclerosis (MS).