Researcher biography

Dr Malcolm Lim is a molecular biologist who specialises in breast cancer brain metastasis. Currently, he works in the Molecular Breast Pathology Lab with Profs Sunil Lakhani and Peter Simpson at The University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research.

Dr Lim's research interests lies in understanding the mechanisms that contribute to the development of brain metastases, identifying new therapeutic targets, and finding innovative therapeutic approaches to improve brain metastasis treatment.

Dr Lim obtained his BSc (Hons) in biomedical science followed by a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Queensland. During his doctoral studies, he explored the prevalence of human epidermal growth factor receptors (HER) in brain metatases and the efficacy of HER2/HER3-targeting hyperbranched polymeric nanomedicine for delivery of chemo- and radiotherapy in breast cancer brain metastasis.

Prior to his academic career, Dr Lim spent five years as a laboratory scientist in a diagnostic histopathology laboratory (2010-2015).