Speaking on Exosomal signaling in New Orleans-Ochsner Clinic Foundation, Dr Carlos Salomon Gallo

13 Apr 2016

Exosomal signaling during normal and pathological conditions: “Little things” can make a difference

Dr Carlos Salomon-Gallo, Head, Exosome Biology Laboratory from the Centre for Clinical Diagnostics at UQ Centre for Clinical Research will be speaking at the Ochsner Clinic Foundation in New Orleans on 18th April. 

Carlos will speak on the topic of exosomal signalising with a focus on analysing the biogenesis and potential roles of exosomes in complication of pregnancies and ovarian cancer progression. He will describe normal exosomal biology and identify the alterations in exosome biology that are associated with disease

The UQ-Ochsner MD Program is a partnership between UQ Medicine and the Ochsner Health Care System in New Orleans, Louisiana to create an exceptional medical education program for outstanding students. The aim of the program is to allow students from the United States (US) to benefit from an international educational experience yet still receive sufficient clinical training to meet registration requirements to practice medicine in the US.

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