CCR Seminars: 10mins with Professor Paterson

18 April 2018

Associate Professor James Scott

Associate Professor James Scott spoke on the prevalence and treatment outcomes of anti-neuronal antibody positive patients admitted with first episode of psychosis.

A small, but significant subgroup of patients with first episode psychosis have anti-neuronal antibodies detectable in serum and evidence of central nervous system autoimmune pathology.  Early identification of these patients and referral for appropriate treatment is critical to optimise recovery.

Dr Peter Simpson and Dr David Fielding

Dr Peter Simpson and Dr David Fielding spoke on endobronchial ultrasound trans-bronchial needle aspiration.

They spoke about the use of Endobronchial ultrasound trans-bronchial needle aspiration (EBUS TBNA) as a method to guide lung cancer treatment. In particular optimising the procedure to enhance the capability of next generation sequencing for therapeutic decision making.