In the first of a series of seminars the UQCCR Career Development and Innovation Group (CDIG) has pleasure in welcoming Tom Joyce who is the University Copyright and Library lawyer and advises extensively on all aspects of copyright as they affect the University.

Key Learning anticipated include how to recognise when copyright is present, and how to manage it to your advantage when handling research materials.  With enabling technologies offering greater access to research outputs and potentially heightened visibility to researchers themselves, managing copyright is more important than ever.

Tom has a collection of war stories that will entertain as well as inform.

CDIG aims to assist Staff Development at all stages of your research career so please feel able to come along whatever your life stage or position.

About CCR Seminars

The UQ Centre of Clinical Research Seminars (CCR) are held fortnightly on Wednesdays from 12pm - 1pm (except during school holidays) currently on Zoom. The series features topics in multiple fields of research, presented by invited international, interstate and local researchers.


UQCCR Main Auditorium