Controlling stem cell quiescence for therapeutic gain in cognitive disorders and brain malignancies - Lachlan Harris

Lachlan will discuss unpublished work highlighting how the transcription factor Ascl1 and a novel regulator of quiescence, Mycn, control distinct molecular programs during stem cell activation. He will highlight his future work that focuses on the therapeutic potential of controlling stem cell quiescence. These studies will include identifying how cancer stem cells in glioblastoma adopt a quiescent state to resist chemotherapy, and whether these cells can be eradicated by targeting quiescent pathways.

A nanomedicine approach to treat brain metastases from breast cancers - Malcom Lim

Brain metastasis from breast cancer is a fatal complication associated with severe morbidity. The current treatments using radiotherapy and neurosurgery can prolong life, but the responses are not durable. Chemotherapies have mediocre effects when administered as single agents and inflict adverse toxicities that reduce quality of life.

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