Antimicrobial Optimisation Group/Chem Path collaboration – the new way of doing business

Presented by Professor Jeffrey Lipman

The Herston campus teems with expertise. Nonetheless, finding and connecting with collaborators can remain a challenge. Chemical Pathology at Queensland Pathology and the Antimicrobial Optimisation bioanalysis laboratory at UQCCR are two entities that have complementary skills and capabilities that can and do help the other. In this seminar they combine to describe their cooperation and opportunities for further collaboration.

Clinical Trials as clinical care: ethics, risks and oversight

Presented by Dr Gordon McGurk

Clinical trials come in many forms. Defined largely by the WHO definition, they are accorded ethical review and consideration as more than low risk. However, a consideration of a hierarchy of risk and review may be appropriate. This talk considers some different types of trials in order to compare whether they are truly trials or rather clinical care.

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