Seminar Overview: Implementation Science has gained momentum over the recent years and is not only an important area of research but also offers a wide range of tools for researchers that aim to implement innovations or knowledge into practice in a timely manner. In this presentation, Nadeeka and Nicole share strategies that aid in formulating the steps of research innovations into rapid clinical translations.

Presenters: Associate Professor Nadeeka Dissanayaka and Dr Nicole Ertl

NadeekaAssociate Professor Nadeeka Dissanayaka is a NHMRC Boosting Dementia Research Leadership Fellow and heads the Dementia & Neuro Mental Health Research Unit within the Clinical Neurosciences theme at UQCCR. Her research in Neurodegenerative diseases focuses on improving clinical practice by rapidly translating evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic interventions into real world settings.

NicoleDr Nicole Ertl is a molecular biologist working in A/Prof David Whiley’s group within the Infectious Diseases theme at UQCCR. Dr Ertl focuses her research on developing rapid molecular diagnostic tools for the detection of antimicrobial resistance. 


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