Theranostic approach for breast cancer brain metastasis therapy

Speaker: Dr Malcolm Lim


Bio: Malcolm completed his PhD in molecular biology in June 2022 and is an ECR at Prof Sunil Lakhani’s lab. His focus is on biology underlying brain metastases, identification of therapeutic targets and devising novel approaches to improve outcomes for breast cancer brain metastasis. Prior to his academic career, Malcolm was a medical laboratory scientist in a diagnostic histopathology laboratory.

Overview: Brain metastases (BM) develop frequently in patients with breast cancer. Despite complex multidisciplinary care, brain tumour often recurs, and the overall survival is short. The therapeutic challenge is to deliver chemotherapy effective in halting progression without the unsafe adverse toxicities that reduce quality of life.


Collaborating with the Kristofer Thurecht group (Centre for Advanced Imaging), I investigated the therapeutic potential of using hyperbranched polymer for targeted delivery of doxorubicin in brain metastasis. In this talk, I will provide an overview of the study outcomes and future direction.

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