EEG in the neonatal brain. What’s been achieved in the last 50 years and the quantum leap we’re about to make

Prof Paul Colditz, Director, Perinatal Research Centre, UQCCR

Prof Colditz has numerous publications over more than 20 years using EEG in babies. He will outline where the research field is currently and its limitations. With several large cohort studies of babies at high risk of brain injury, made possible with NHMRC and MRFF funding, we propose a quantum leap involving use of EEG, which will define for the first time how neurotypical functional development occurs and how the efficacy of new therapies for brain injury can be tracked in real time.

A/Prof James Roberts, Team Head, Brain Modelling Group, QIMR Berghofer.

 A/Prof Roberts will describe how computational neuroscience approaches will be used in this task to improve outcomes for babies with brain injury. James leads the Brain Modelling Group at QIMR Berghofer. He undertook his PhD in physics at the University of Sydney and will bring his research skills in computational neuroscience, at the intersection of physics, mathematics, neuroscience, and neurology to the solution.

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