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Dr. Karthik Pullela from MGI - Sample to Report Tools: Advancements in Rapid assessment of Pathogens, AMR and More
Dr. Karthik Pullela, Field Application Scientist, MGI Australia and New Zealand
Karthik earned his PhD from the University of Melbourne for his research on oxidative stress response in Salmonella. He is an accomplished researcher with a decade of experience in microbiology and bacterial genetics. During his postdoctoral tenure at the University of Queensland, he focused on bacterial genetic response to antibiotics. Currently, as a Field Application Scientist at MGI, Karthik lends his expertise in in sequencing and single-cell platforms while supporting the Brisbane demo lab.

Ivon Harliwong from Qiagen - Enhanced Genomic Surveillance: Advanced Direct from Clinical Specimen NGS Variant Detection for Realtime Healthcare and Environmental Monitoring.
Ivon Harliwong, currently the Genomics Market Development Manager at QIAGEN ANZ, began her journey into genomics in 2009 with the International Cancer Genome Consortium  (ICGC), focusing on Pancreatic and Ovarian cancers. This experience laid the foundation for her subsequent role as an expert genomics consultant at the Diamantina Institute. Before joining QIAGEN, Ivon spearheaded the establishment of a NATA accredited clinical laboratory at BGI. She holds a keen interest in leveraging genomics for pathogen surveillance and driving advancements in healthcare and research through the adoption of new genomic technologies.

Dr Anthony Beckhouse from Illumina - Genomics in Human Health- The future with Illumina Sequencing.
Dr Anthony Beckhouse holds an undergraduate Science degree in Microbiology and Immunology and a PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Prior to his career in Industry, he had a seven year academic career at AIBN and Griffith University studying the mammalian transcriptome response to immune challenge and was an active participant in the highly successful FANTOM 4 and 5 projects led out of RIKEN in Japan.
He joined Illumina in 2019 and manages all the Illumina Sequencing platforms and reagents for the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions. He has had many roles in the biotech sales, technology development and technical support industry in the last 12 years and has been the industry representative on several successful grant applications within Australia. 

Adam Werner from Twist Bioscience - Raising the Bar for NGS Target Enrichment: NGS Solutions for Infectious Disease
Adam Werner is a Field Applications Scientist with Twist Bioscience supporting Korea and the South East Asia region for Next Generation Sequencing. Adam has worked in a variety of functions throughout his career supporting many high profile Clinical, Research, Government and Academia Institutes. Adams expertise is within applications founded on Oligonucleotide synthesis and Next Generation sequencing and is inclusive of a background in retroviral research at the Burnet Institute and the CSIRO.

Dr Michael Yarski from Oxford Nanopore Technologies - What you are Missing Matters, unveiling the camouflaged clinically relevant regions of the human genome using long read sequencing
Dr Michael Yarski joined ONT in 2019 as a Field Application Scientist (FAS) to support researchers in ANZ & SEA by providing updates and training as the technology developed. Michael is currently the FAS Manager for ANZ & SEA managing a team of scientists supporting customers running small clinical projects through to population scale projects throughout ANZ & SEA. Prior to working for Oxford Nanopore, Michael spent over 10 years working for a leading Australia and New Zealand distributor supporting a range of genomic technologies including Advaita, PacBio, Fluidigm, 10X Genomics, and Affymetrix both as a technical sales specialist as well as an applications scientist. Prior to his commercial roles, Michael completed his PhD at the University of California, Irvine before relocating to Melbourne, Australia where he worked in a few labs as a post-doctorial scientist. 


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