Bio: Birgit Koch (1978) is a Hospital Pharmacist-Clinical Pharmacologist and Full Professor of Clinical Pharmacometrics at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 

The focus of her research, teaching, leadership and collaboration is on precision dosing in special populations. 
Her research team, at this moment 22 PhD students, 3 assistant professors, 3 post-docs and 2 research technicians, uses several techniques such as pharmacometrics modeling (combining information on drug dosing, covariates, concentrations of drugs and drug effects to optimize drug dosing), cost effectiveness tools and implementation programs, to research precision dosing, validate and implement these dosing strategies. 
She has received multiple grants as PI on these subjects. These grants include ZonMw (Dutch Government grants), IMI grants and several smaller grants from Dutch funds, all on precision dosing. She authored > 230 publications. 
She is an editor of Clinical Pharmacometrics, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, and executive editor of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. She conducted several (inter) national multi-center studies such as DOLPHIN, SPACe, SPACE 2 STAR, all on precision dosing. 
In addition to membership of several (inter)national scientific organizations such as ASCPT, KNMP, ISAP, ISOP, EACPT and NVKFB, she has been the Director of the Education of the Council of the IATDMCT, the international organization on Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology, since 2021. She is the Dutch delegate on Pharmacology in the UEMS in Europe. In addition, she is part of the executive board of EPASG, the PK/PD society of the ESCMID (European Microbiology Association). 
On a national level, amongst all, she has been the vice-chair of the SRC (national registration committee of hospital pharmacists) and the registration committee of the NVKFB (clinical pharmacologists). At this moment, she is part of the daily executive committee of SWAB (Dutch Antibiotic Committee) as treasurer and the NOW VIDI committee. 
In the Erasmus she has been president of VENA (female academic leadership organization) and member of medical ethical committee (2012-2024)), steering committee of the research suite. She is now part of the research council, chair of young investigator grant committee and the knowledge security expert team. 
In addition to her leadership, teaching/education is very important to Birgit, as teaching (future) health care professionals is essential to create awareness of the importance of precision dosing and improve our healthcare system. Together with her colleagues she developed the minor Toxic. For this minor, the Dutch Clinical Pharmacology Society rewarded her with the best education program prize of 2021. In addition, since 2017 she coordinates ToxEd, a (bi)yearly national toxicology conference in Rotterdam.


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