Research activities

Professor Frank Gardiner pioneered urological research in Queensland such that Brisbane is recognised internationally for innovative studies in urology. He was the first to demonstrate the lymph drainage of the human prostate using lymphoscintigraphy, undertook the first dendritic cell vaccine studies in prostate cancer in Australia (including one Randomised Controlled Trial) and has promoted the use of seminal fluid in the very early detection of prostate cancer which led to development of the Progensa™ PCA3 test by Canadian and Dutch colleagues. Since 2000, with colleagues, he has initiated and/or participated in 6 completed and published randomised controlled trials in South East Queensland.

Current grants

Movember: A Phase II randomised controlled trial of high dose vitamin D in localised prostate cancer with intermediate risk of progression. Gurney H, Nair-Shalliker V, Smith D, Gebski V, Patel M, Frydenberg M, Gardiner RA, Kimlin M, Fenech M, Gillatt D. $1 040 370: 2016-20

NHMRC: ASTROID: Active Surveillance and other treatment options for prostate cancer. Schofield P, Juraskova I, Frydenberg M, Chambers S, Gordon L, Gardiner RA.  $749 704: 2015-19

Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital Foundation. Combined TMPRSS2:ERG PCA3 and SChLAP1 RNA in Urine for selective detection of Aggressive Prostate Cancer.Yaxley J, Koo K, Trau M, Roberts M, Coughlin G, Gianduzzo T, Lavin M, Gardiner R, Mainwaring

NHMRC: Centre for Research Excellence in Prostate Cancer Survivorship. Chambers SK, Newton R, Scuffham P, Baade P, Galvão D, Dunn J, Smith D, Wittert G, Davis I, Gardiner RA (Frank). $$2,498,842. 2016-20.