Researcher biography

I am a registered medical practitioner with a PhD from The University of Queensland. My doctoral work was in the field of population health, and focused on the use of N-of-1 trial methodology in clinical practice. I have two major research areas: N-of-1 trials/Single Case Experimental Designs (SCEDs), and whiplash and other musculoskeletal pain after Road Traffic Crashes.

I played a key role in setting up and sustaining UQ's N-of-1 trials Unit since 1998, and am a key driver of its success, resulting in UQ becoming a world leader in N-of-1 trials since 2009. . Building on my 20 year clinical research career at UQ, I lead the research program at UQCCR in N-of-1 trials, and am a recognised leader in this field both in Australia and internationally. In addition, my skills include trial design and management more broadly.

I am also working at Recover Injury Research Centre in the field of recovery following Road Traffic injuries. Within the Designing Better Therapies research program, my main focus is on improving early management and reducing opioid prescribing for minor musculoskeletal injuries after Road Traffic Crashes. My other area of research is in applying Single Case Experimental Designs to work towards better therapies after injury, especially when caused by Road Traffic Crashes.