Researcher biography

Through my Ph.D. research and work, I have developed a personal philosophy informed by human-centred design when developing technology for people. I am passionate about ensuring that interactive technology is truly designed for people so that it supports what is important to them within the specific context that they are using that technology. I believe that the best way to do this is to work with a team that has a mixture of disciplines that involves the people that we are designing for as part of that team.

I'm very happy now to be working on a project that seeks to support people living with dementia as it's definitely continuing my learning journey. For me, working with a diverse multidisciplinary team is a clear benefit of the project as it is exposing me to many different viewpoints, something which I think is critical for successful design. IMHO design must be applied through working with people who have different experiences and perspectives on the condition that is sought to be changed or improved. Most importantly, Design must include the actual lived experience of that condition throughout its process. The Florence project is guided by a reference group of people with lived experience (established through the vision of Jacki Liddle) and I think this is an important step towards a deeper collaboration in the development of technology.

As an interaction designer I accept that, when designing and developing technology, I have a clear responsibility both to my employer/client and the person who will be using that technology. I have developed an interest in the ethics of the design and development of technology. I have one foot firmly in the de-colonialisation of design camp.

My interests extend across design theory and practice, human-computer interaction and user experience, and the application of the theory of these domains into practical and novel contexts. I have a strong interest in developing a vision for technology that supports a citizen-centric smart city and am seeking to extend my understanding of design research in complex and contested environments.