Researcher biography

I am an interaction designer.

I have an interest in design research and methods and their application to the design of technology. I believe that co-design/participatory design and human-centered design are critical approaches to ensuring that technology will truly serve the people who will be using or impacted by that technology.

A significant proportion of my work involves working with people living with dementia and post-stroke aphasia. Much of this work focuses on accessibility, usability and acceptability with the aim of creating technological solutions that are not only functional but also recognise and respond to people's intrinsic needs and experiences. A key aspect of my recent work is exploring acceptability and its ties to the Social Self-Determination model of people's needs. Through this I am looking at User Experience through a different lens, seeking to develop an understanding of how this model of people's needs can support a meaningful and impactful experience.

My interests extend across design theory and practice, human-computer interaction and user experience, and the application of the theory of these domains into practical and novel contexts. When designing technology that is to be used in everyday or applied contexts, I believe it is important to think beyond the technology itself. Therefore, in my research so far, I have worked in multidisciplinary teams crossing speech pathology, occupational therapy, computer science, and psychology. I am also committed to ensuring that technology and the process of designing technology is ethical.