Research interest

To study breast cancer brain metastases 

My research objective is to further our knowledge about and develop therapeutic interventions for breast cancer and metastases. My program of work comprises of two main interests; brain metastasis and triple-negative breast cancers ( a subtype of breast cancer which has a higher propensity of developing brain metastasis). I am interested in understanding the influence of the unique tumour/tissue microenvironment (TME) in metastases especially the immune system. I am working on elucidating the immune landscape of breast cancer brain metastasis in patient samples using multiplex immunofluorescence. Another branch of my work consists of targeting calcium channels in brain metastasis.To achieve my objectives I have established brain metastatic tumours from the breast using intra-cranial preclinical model along with molecular biology, genomic and proteomic tools. I also routinely analyse archival patient tumour tissues to identify novel biomarkers for breast cancer and brain metastasis. In triple-negative breast cancers I am understanding the biology of cancer-associated fibroblasts and their role in breast density and the immune microenvironment using various Pathology tools such as histology and multiplex Immunofluorescence. I also use a variety of statistical algorithms and clinical data analysis tools to achieve this.


Researcher biography

I am a molecular biologist with an honours degree in Medical Biotechnology (The University of Abertay, Dundee, Scotland) and a PhD in Physiology and Medicine from the University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand) specialising in assessing disease biomarkers in formalin-fixed tissues and development and use of preclinical disease models. I moved to Australia to pursue my passion for cancer research and employ my expertise in breast cancer brain metastases.