Research interest

  • Tumour immune microenvironment of secondary/metastatic brain cancers
    Utilising clinical samples of secondary brain cancers, I am understanding the repertoire of various immune cell subsets and their impact on the brain tumour microenvironment. This includes collaboration with QUT and UQ researchers and employs novel omics technologies to simultaneously investigate multiple proteins in-situ within the same sample.
  • Adaptations and cross-talk of cells in secondary/metastatic brain cancers
    I have the developed and established the intra-cranial brain metastasis animal model for further our understand of this tumour. Using this model I have discovered new ways of how the tumour cells adapt in the tumour microenvironment. I also routinely analyse archival patient tumour tissues to identify novel biomarkers for breast cancer and secondary brain cancers
  • Tumour immune-microenvironment of Triple-negative breast cancers
    In triple-negative breast cancers I am understanding the biology of cancer-associated fibroblasts and their role in breast density and the immune microenvironment using various innovative Pathology tools such as Nanostring Digital Spatial profiler.


Researcher biography

I was trained in Pathophysiology of kidney disease and preclinical models in my PhD at the University of Otago, New Zealand. I relocated to Australia and since 2017, I have been pursuing an active postdoctoral research career. I have applied my expertise of Pathology, Molecular Biology and disease modelling to establish preclinical models and identify new biomarkers for secondary brain cancers. I use intra-cranial preclinical models, multi-omic tools, innovative technologies such as profiling multiple proteins within the same clinical sample simultaneously to meet my research objectives. As an early career postdoctoral researcher I have contributed to understanding the tumour adaptations within the brain that helps the tumour cell survive. I have identified biomarkers within secondary brain cancer and triple-negative breast cancers that have the potential to be developed as vaccine targets. My research work has been published in eminent journals such as Theranostics, Journal of Pathology and Therapeutic Advances of Medical Oncology. My dedication to improving the lives of women with secondary brain cancer have led to a recent recognition as the Rose-Anne Kelso Commemorative award in November 2019. I want to continue my research journey towards this noble cause and make a difference with my research. My current research is dedicated to understanding the tumour microenvironment in a comprehensive way by using high throughput multiplexing and spatial profiling technologies. By understanding the spatial biology and the immune contexture of these tumours' I hope to uncover unknown mechanisms of treatment resistance and failure. This can ultimately lead to better outcomes for this devastating condition.