Researcher biography

Dr. Behzad Kiani is a dedicated researcher specialising in spatial epidemiology of infectious diseases and human health, with a keen interest in advancing methodologies and applications within the field. Dr Kiani is currently a Research Fellow within UQ's ODeSI team. Previously, he was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Montreal, Canada and before that an Assistant Professor at Mashhad University of Medical Science in Iran.

Dr. Kiani's research expertise is geoinformatics using spatial regression models and spatial cluster analysis. He has a PhD in medical informatics and a Master's degree in computer science. His work has informed global public policy and making, including urban planning and health, health resource allocation and identifying high-risk areas for different diseases at specific locations over time to implement more efficient and effective health interventions. He is a member of the executive of the International Society of Geospatial Health and is an associate editor of the Geospatial Health Journal. Dr Kiani has over 70 scientific publications in high-impact journals, including seminal work related to identify high-risk spatiotemporal patterns of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Iran and gentrification, neighborhood socioeconomic factors and urban vegetation inequities in Canada". He is an accomplished and passionate teacher, as well as supervisor and dedicated to nurturing the next generation of spatial epidemiologists and instilling in them a deep understanding of the field's principles and applications to improve global health.