UQ centre celebrates a decade of lifesaving research

10 September 2018

A decade of outstanding research into fields including antibiotic resistance, fighting superbugs and improving burns care has been celebrated at The University of Queensland’s Centre for Clinical Research (UQCCR) today.

UQCCR Director Professor David Paterson said the centre’s greatest contribution to society had been in improving patient care to enable people to live longer and enjoy a greater quality of life.

“UQCCR has left an indelible mark on medicine by offering state-of-the-art facilities and bringing together leading health professionals, clinicians and scientists from around the globe,” Dr Paterson said. 

“Our researchers have advanced early diagnosis and disease prevention and our many students have pushed the boundaries of research in their fields.”

Dr Paterson said the Centre would continue to strive for excellence.  

“UQCCR has enormous opportunities ahead to conduct clinical research relevant to patients worldwide.

“Dr Jodi Saunus’s breast cancer work is just one example of research that’s already created a positive impact on the community.”

Dr Saunus’s research focuses on aggressive breast cancer which has migrated to the brain.

She said UQCCR’s location next to the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital had been important in taking her research into a clinical setting.

“Our team is trying to put Brisbane at the forefront of cancer research, through initiatives like the Brisbane Breast Bank and the Improving treatments for brain metastases through advanced imaging (BoNSAI) trial,” Dr Saunus said.

“We’re excited to build on our successful research processes and create truly innovative medicine using new biological technologies like nanomedicines.  

“In the next 10 years it would be amazing to see further integration of UQCCR with other hospitals.  

“This will help chip away at the separation between research centres and hospitals, streamlining the process of translating research discoveries into new treatments.”  

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