Combatting respiratory syncytial virus (RSV): a pathway forward for Queensland with Associate Professor Stephen Lambert

Tue 14 May 2024 12:00pm1:00pm


UQCCR Auditorium (Level 2, UQCCR, Herston Campus) or on Zoom:

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a common virus that can infect people of all ages. RSV causes various respiratory illnesses – from mild colds to severe conditions like bronchiolitis, bronchitis or pneumonia. It is the most common cause of hospitalisation for infants and young children. Almost all children experience at least one RSV infection within the first two years of life.

In March 2024, the Queensland Government announced the provision of free RSV immunisation for eligible infants and young children. Join Associate Professor Stephen Lambert (Queensland Health Protection Branch) and the ODeSI team to explore the epidemiology of RSV and discuss this exciting population health protection intervention. 

Associate Professor Stephen Lambert is a public health physician interested in a broad range of applied communicable diseases topics. His  research interests include assessing the impact and effectiveness of vaccination programs and the quality and efficiency of communicable disease surveillance. He is keen to use other data to supplement routine communicable disease surveillance, including incorporating assessments of denominator data from laboratory testing and is a strident advocate for the use of vaccines across the lifespan of people.