Duration: 2019 – 2024

Funding source: HDR Scholarship, UQ

Chief Investigators: Semira Hailu, Cameron Hurst, David Harley, Adam Irwin, Kerri Viney, Clare Nourse

PhD Student: Semira Hailu

Aims: To estimate the prevalence of Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis (EPTB) in African countries. This research further aims to investigate the relationship between incidence of EPTB in Africa and population exposure variables including BCG vaccination coverage, HIV prevalence, health care access & diabetes, stratified according to income level, time period and age group. Moreover, this research aims to identify gaps in guidelines for TB in pregnancy to inform the development of a guideline for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of TB during pregnancy in African countries. 

Project members

Associate Professor David Harley

ATH - Associate Professor
UQ Centre for Clinical Research

Dr Adam Irwin

NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow
UQ Centre for Clinical Research