Carlos SalomonImproving treatment and outcomes in pregnancy complications

Researcher: Associate Professor Carlos Salomon


Exosomes are small packages released from cells into the bloodstream as part of their normal lifecycle. Under certain conditions, such as during pregnancy or as a response to cancer, the content of these packages can change, making exosomes a possible indicator of the disease, or an early sign of pregnancy complication.


We have discovered that during pregnancy, exosomes are used as a communication pathway between mother and baby, allowing the foetus to influence the glucose metabolism of the mother. This can result in pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and even preterm birth.

We aim to use these discoveries to diagnose conditions at the very start of the complication, improving treatment and outcomes for those at risk. 

Techniques used in our research have been adopted by other groups in the UK, USA, Spain, Chile and Australia.