Perinatal Research Centre

Better health outcomes for mothers and babies


To advance the health of mothers and babies by understanding and preventing pregnancy and birth complications.


  • To achieve excellence in all aspects of perinatal research
  • To achieve excellence in teaching and to enhance knowledge of the perinatal period
  • To benefit individuals and society through improved perinatal health outcomes

The Perinatal Research Centre, under the direction of Professor Paul Colditz, is committed to improving perinatal health through world class biomedical and clinical research. Our multidisciplinary research team aims to translate research advances into clinical practice and better health outcomes for mothers and babies.

The Perinatal Research Centre (PRC) was founded in 1992 as an initiative of the then Royal Women's Hospital Foundation (now known as the Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital Foundation) and is a Centre within The University of Queensland's Faculty of Medicine. Prestigious philanthropic and research bodies have recognised the impact of the PRC in maternal and infant health research and awarded funding to support important original research. The PRC specialises in translational research from pure science to playing a key role within the RBWH in clinical trials. These trials have not only been instrumental in improving care of the mothers and babies at the RBWH but also nationally and internationally.

Academic staff

Resesarch staff



Research Affiliates

  • Professor Roslyn Boyd, Scientific Director of Queensland Cerebral Palsy and Rehabilitation Research Centre
  • Dr Marloes Dekker, Senior Lecturer, School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences UQ
  • Dr Helen Barrett, Director of Endocrinology, Mater Hospital
  • Professor Mark Davies, Neonatologist, Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit
  • Professor David Tudehope, Mater Director of Neonatology
  • Dr Jatin Patel, Senior ARC DECRA Fellow, UQDI
  • Dr Kerstin Pannek, Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRO
  • Dr Jurgen Fripp, Group Leader CSIRO Image Analysis
  • Associate Professor Tim Donovan, Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit
  • Professor Kiarash Khosrotehrani, Professorial Research Fellow, UQDI
  • Professor David McIntyre, Conjoint Head, Mater Clinical Unit
  • Professor Vicki Flenady, Director Stillbirth CRE, MRI-UQ
  • Associate Professor Glenda Gobe, School of Biomedical Sciences, UQ
  • Dr Michael Colditz, Neurosurgeon
  • Dr David Gunn, Ophthalmologist, QEI
  • Dr Aven Lee, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UQCCR
  • Dr Melissa Lai, Neonatologist, Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit
  • Dr Jany Pienaar, Neonatology Fellow, Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit

Adjunct and Honorary

  • Professor Eugenie Lumbers, Honorary Fellow
  • Professor Christine East, Honorary Fellow
  • Associate Professor Nigel Barnett, Honorary Fellow
  • Katie Foxcroft, Adjunct Fellow
  • Dr Therese De Dassell, Honorary Fellow
  • Dr Randal Moldrich, Honorary Fellow
  • Dr Janet Hammill, Honorary Fellow
  • Professor Ian Wright, Honorary Fellow
  • Stephanie Lawton, Adjunct Fellow
  • Professor Stephen Rose, Honorary Fellow
  • Dr Christopher Burke, Adjunct Fellow
  • Dr Barbara Lingwood, Honorary Associate Professor
  • Dr Margo Pritchard, Honorary Associate Professor
  • Dr Simon Finnigan, Adjunct Senior Fellow

Help improve health outcomes for mothers and babies

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The PRC is a self-financing research centre with the vast majority of funding coming from competitive peer reviewed research grants. Some funding also comes from industry contracts, The University of Queensland and the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Foundation.

We are very grateful to the RBWH Foundationthe Lions Medical Research FoundationChildren's Hospital FoundationDeloitte, the RBWH Auxiliary and others who help to support our work through fund-raising activities.

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