The Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) provides and maintains a sophisticated, efficient and internationally recognised quality perinatal clinical trials service with the RBWH. The unit is active in collaborative and original clinical research. Evidence based practice is key in modern healthcare. The Cochrane Collaboration is a repository of the highest quality evidence underpinning health care practices. The PRC is active in contributing to this collaboration across a variety of areas of expertise that encompass all the PRC groups. Protocols are developed and published with regular updates provided through systematic review of published material. Systematic reviews are utilised by health policy makers, clinicians, researchers and consumers to stay abreast of findings and provide the highest quality health care.

Current clinical trials

  • A Study of the Impact of Treating Electrographic Seizures in Term or Near-Term Infants with Neonatal Encephalopathy (NEST).
  • High-flow Nasal Cannulae as Post-extubation Respiratory Support in Premature Infants:  A CPAP Equivalent? (The HIPERSPACE Trial)
  • PREBO Preterm Brain Outcomes– The aim of this project is to predict neurodevelopmental disability in babies born very preterm, earlier and more accurately than currently possible.
  • PREBO-6 – nPrediction of childhood brain outcomes in infants born preterm using neonatal MRI and concurrent clinical biomarkers
  • PEACH - Is early accumulation of fat and reduction in fat free mass in preterm infants associated with adverse cognitive or metabolic outcomes in childhood?
  • Is ibuprofen associated with neuroprotection in the SGA infant? Neurodevelopmental outcomes at 2 years following ibuprofen treatment for patent ductus arteriosus in the preterm small for gestational age newborn: potential for neuroprotection


 Contact Professor Paul Colditz for further information relating to student projects in the above clinical trials.