Dr Janet Hammill coordinates the Collaboration for Alcohol Related Developmental Disorders (CARDD) formerly the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Research Network.  Jan, an ethnographer, weaves narratives of family history of health and life experiences into a biological framework that better illustrates the epigenetic and developmental burden placed on families. Of particular interest is the neurobiology of stress and teratogenic exposures that have influenced negative trajectories for Indigenous families and their children. Those exposed to alcohol in utero represent the most vulnerable individuals in Australia and the adverse effects of alcohol are being seen transgenerationally. Statistics on FASD show associated high rates of maternal substance use, compromised perinatal outcomes, poor school achievement, behavioural problems, younger sole parenting, early criminality, recidivism and incidence of chronic diseases which manifest prematurely. FASD impacts significantly on overall access to equal life chances and poses critical and urgent challenges for remediation.

Having shared ancestry with the Gomeroi people of the NSW Pilliga Scrub and of the first convicts into the area, Jan’s interests are to raise awareness especially among policy makers to alcohol and substance abuse harm and to develop and impliment effective cross-disciplinary, evidence-based interventions.

For information relating to FASD please contact:

Dr Janet Hammill
+61 7 33466013